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Please complete the application so Rabbi Slatkin can serve you best and make the best use of your time together. Sessions are done via phone or Zoom Video Conferencing and you will have the option to choose below. Rabbi Slatkin will call you at the one you choose. Please keep your appointment to respect his time. This session will get you massive clarity on the root issues in your marriage and how you can reconnect with your spouse quickly. We look forward to seeing your marriage thrive!

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    We only accept very limited number of new clients per month to work with, and we select applicants based on those we feel are the best fit and MOST LIKELY to get results from us working together.


Here’s What Existing Total Marriage Transformation Members Have to Say About the Program


I had the distinct privilege of working with Rabbi Slatkin and my husband in the mastermind program.

Not only is he masterful in translating the skills necessary to incorporate Imago into ones life, but he has a G-d given talent of genuine empathy and understanding of the human psyche. I was blown away by his focus and ability to connect to the most complex and diverse situations! We are a blended family , (with both major and minor issues) and he was able to help us in many areas.

He navigates with a unique ability to show no judgement, (only a deep alignment with the struggle), and a tremendous humility! I am grateful for the treasure of this work and am hopeful that the tools we learned together will improve the quality of our marriage! I feel that the investment of time and money was well worth it for us!

After spending several months feeling stuck, depressed, and despondent in our marriage, I knew there had to be a way out and that the way out didn’t have to mean divorce lawyers, more anguish, and ruining the lives of our children. My husband was much less certain. But after meeting Rabbi Slatkin my husband was able to completely revamp his thoughts, open his heart, and repave the road of destruction he thought he was traveling.

Rabbi Slatkin is an expert in this field, having studied Imago Therapy, and uses this as the basis to reteach couples how to communicate and heal. Many couples are unaware of their potential to communicate and relate on a deeper level, but after participating in his exercises, it became to clear to us how much more there was to our relationship than we had ever dared to know. We were hooked.

Our time together flew by, and we left yearning for more. We cannot believe how much we learned, how many new habits we’d like to create, and the potential that our marriage has.

We can’t thank Rabbi Slatkin enough for what he has done for us, and we are happy to recommend him to anyone else in need. We are certain you will feel the same gratitude for having been able to turn your lives around.

What is so unique about this experience is that Rabbi Slatkin spends a lot of time with you, allowing you to make great, immediate progress, and you really focus on the issues at hand without being distracted by other responsibilities of life.

His voice is soothing and calming, allowing him to always remain neutral and to deescalate any heated moments. We never felt like he sided with anyone and he mostly encouraged us to talk through our issues without interrupting except for occasional feedback or reframing.

The exercises he does with you greatly enhance the couples’ connection and work to improve the overall feeling of the relationship.


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