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Congratulations on your engagement! You’re probably in the throes of planning your wedding and finding that somewhere along the way there are some communication challenges and power struggles occurring.

It’s scary to think that after everything you’re putting into making the wedding perfect, that your relationship might not survive the tiffs that keep reoccurring.

Maybe you’ve even gone to a marriage counselor but that wasn’t helpful.

Many times, going to marriage counseling may actually make problems worse for so many reasons.

What if you could get the information that you need in order to enjoy a happy future together, with an experienced professional guiding you through the information every step of the way, and customizing it for YOUR specific needs?

If only you could go to School to learn how to be married and “graduate” when you have mastered the material! Going back to school is something that people do when they want to learn from an amazing teacher, advance through a well thought out and proven curriculum on their own, and then graduate when they’ve fulfilled their assignments and homework that were designed to solidify the important material in their minds, in their hears, and in their lives.

Now you can get these very same benefits of going back to school for your future marriage!



“Premarital Mastery Worksheets and Marriage Mastery School for Success”

Premarital Mastery is for Couples that want:

  • Marriage education for their future that will actually work.
  • What you MUST know for creating a solid future together
  • How to ensure that your past relationships and any trauma from your childhood won’t get in the way of your ability to relate to this new person that you’ve chose to love and commit to forever
  • How to get married and STAY married for years to come.

Sounds great, but does it really work?

Premarital Mastery “Marriage School” was created by a licensed clinical professional counselor practicing Imago Relationship Therapy with over a decade of marriage counseling experience and who experienced marriage problems himself. He created it based on his work with clients, distilling the winning ingredients for his most successful couples.

Marriage School is based on his bestselling book, The 5 Step Action Plan to a Happy & Healthy Marriage, and will teach you how to enjoy a lasting and happy marriage in 5 steps. These steps are simplistic and truly foundational, eliminating the need to keep looking for the “latest” marriage information, and all encompassing of what the best marriage practitioners out there are doing.

When you put these 5 steps into practice, you will create an Amazing Marriage.

Because Marriage Mastery is a “done for you” program, you can:

  • Take it at your own pace from the comfort and privacy of your own home
  • Enjoy lifetime access
  • No need for notetaking (it’s done for you already in our workbook and handouts) or participation in long group training calls
  • Receive a high level of support for your own specific situation through 2 30 minute 1 on 1 phone calls with Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, the founder of Marriage Mastery School for Success
  • Unlimited Email support when situations come up that you need to resolve NOW

Investment: $37 Marriage Mastery Course + $12.31 Premarital Worksheets

This course empowers couples and individuals who are feeling lonely and disconnected to be able to create a solid relationship and marriage that will withstand the test of time no matter what life throws at them!

What’s Next?

Decide that you want a happy marriage that withstands the test of time no matter what challenges get thrown your way.

Give yourself permission that you have what it takes to create your solid future together and that you’re learning how to create a solid relationship foundation.

Realize that you can achieve an incredible marriage!

Allow us to take over the heavy lifting and simply guide you through what needs to happen to create change, easily and comfortably!

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