We hope that you are enjoying Marriage School and benefiting tremendously!


We encourage you to listen to the 5 Steps as often as possible either on Video, Audio, via mp3 in your car, or wherever.


The 5 Steps are truly the FOUNDATION of how to enjoy a happy and healthy marriage.


If you decide that you prefer to use Marriage School with Live Support, we do offer Marriage School + LIVE Support which includes 6 live teleclasses scheduled during different months of the year.


Marriage School LIVE + Support is $997 and since you are already a Marriage School member, your cost would be $597 to upgrade.


The benefit of the LIVE option is that you get to work with us as marriage counseling professionals for a full 6 weeks. Normally, marriage counseling would cost anywhere from $150-300 per session. It’s a great way to benefit without all of that cost!


The next LIVE teleclasses are scheduled for:

LIVE Call Dates:

Tuesday, September 5th at 12 PM EST

Tuesday, September 12th at 12 PM EST

Tuesday, September 19th at 12 PM EST

Tuesday, September 26th at 12 PM EST

Tuesday, October 17th at 12 PM EST

Tuesday, October 23th at 12 PM EST


All calls will be recorded if you cannot make them live.

You will receive a recording via email after each call.

We will also remind you via email with the link/phone number to logon to the weekly call beforehand.


Upgrade your Membership


Needing the live support calls for accountability? You will get enrolled into Marriage School LIVE as soon as you go to Paypal and complete your upgrade.

Email us any questions that you have at info AT